Dear Colleagues,

Proud Service Members,

Men and women of the Armed Forces of our country,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the redesigned website of our Association through which we aim in maximising your browsing experience.

You can now browse easily and learn the latest news of our Association, submit a registration application, send us your suggestions and many more.

Our Association was officially founded in 2008, thus this year marks the 15th anniversary of constructive presence and action, for the general interest and well-being of the Officers of the Armed Forces and the country.

A small group of Officers, led by the undersigned, managed after hard work to establish our Association in 2008.

Since then, with slow yet steady progress, the Association has established itself not only as an institution in the state, but also managed to participate in European events, as a full member of the European Organization of Military Organizations. The Association has also accomplished the delivery of multifaceted work to the society with various actions.

Dear Colleagues, 

Our strength is you, our members. Embrace and support the Association.

All together, with perseverance, far from expediency and always united, we will march for a better tomorrow, a strong National Guard and a free country.

Thank you.


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