The Cyprus Army Officers Association (CAOA) was officially established on March 13, 2008 after approval of the Ministry of Interior and the support of the Ministry of Defence and the National Guard.

In 2005 the House of Representatives voted a law allowing the Officers and Non Commissioned Officers of the Cyprus National Guard (NG) to establish associations through which they could promote their business nature demands, to the Ministry of Defence. Since early 2007, a group of young Officers pro- ceeded after a lot of work to prepare and submit for recording an association statute.

The interim board of the association attended by Officers of all ranks had the responsi- bility of preparing and conducting the first general Assembly meeting. From March until September 2008, the members of the provisional board of directors at the ex- pense of their free time but also during the working hours with the approval of the Chief of Defence, proceeded in the following steps :

* They toured Cyprus and informed a large number of Officers on the establishment of the Association and proceeded to member registrations.

•Had a formal meeting with the Minister of Defence in which they exchanged views on the operation of the Association.
•They met with the Archbishop of Cyprus with a view to securing a building in order to house the Association.
•Proceeded to the review and approval of applications for registration to the Associa- tion and the syntax of the Registry of the members.
•They bulletin and organized successfully the association’s first elections and ensured that all officers would be able to attend the venue.

On Wednesday 24th of September 2008, took place the first General Assembly and elections for the Board of Directors of the Association.

Since then a lot of administrative work has been done to make the Cyprus Army Officers Associations a well functioning organization.

Members of the Associations can by all active officers of the National Guard.

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