6th Annual General Meeting

We inform our members that the 6th Annual General Meeting of our association was held in a hall of the Community Council of Pyrga village on Friday, the 24th of April 2015 at 0830hrs.  During the meeting there was a presentation of the work done from the outgoing Board by the President Cpt (Inf) Mallioti Ioanni.  Furthermore there was an analysis of the cash flow for 2015 by the Treasurer Cpt (Inf) Papadimitri Dimitri.  In addition to these representatives of Deloitte Cyprus made a presentation of the results of the specialized research conducted among members of CAOA.  Those members who had not been able to submit their questionnaires electronically were given the opportunity to complete and submit their questionnaires on the spot in order to have a wider saple.  After that and until 1700hrs the elections of the Chairman and 8 members of the Board took place. The results of the elections for the new Board are:

New Chairman Colonel (Inf) Psaras Christos with 238 votes against his opponent, Lt Col (Inf) Papageorgiou Savvas, who received 90 votes.

The new Board of members for a new period of three years, are according to their votes the following:

Maj (Inf) Krasias Michalis with 183 votes,

Cpt (T) Kyprianou Kipros with 178 votes,

Lt (Inf) Panagiotis Charalampidis with 171 votes,

Cpt (Inf) Papadimitris Dimitris with 154 votes,

Cpt (Inf) Chrysostomou Andreas with 149 votes,

Lt (Inf) Savva Moses with 136 votes,

Cpt (Inf) Samutis Paris with 134 votes,

Lt Col (Inf) Andreas Nicolaides with 127 votes.

The runner up members are:

Cpt (Inf) Socrates Socrates with 120 votes

Maj (Inf) Perdios Spiros with 113 votes.

Over the next few days the first session of the new Board will take place.  During this session the Board will be compiled into a body and the members’ duties will be announced.

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