114th EUROMIL Conference in Brussels

On 20-21 October 2016, the 114th Conference of the European Organisation of Military Associations (EUROMIL) was held in Brussels. Military representatives of Associations and Trade Unions (Cyprus Army Officers – Non-Commissioned Officers – Professional Soldiers – Retired Officers) from all the countries-members of EUROMIL attended the conference. The Cyprus Army Officers Association (CAOA) was represented by Colonel Psaras Christos and Captains Socrates Socratous and Samoutis Paris. During the conference the topic for discussion were the various issues and problems that the military personnel is facing as well as the ways to solve them. Moreover, the former member of the Administrative Council of CAOA, namely Captain Kirou Stavros, was honoured for his contribution during his military service as a member of the EUROMIL Administrative Council.

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